Your support and help give others hope
We act for you and on your behalf. We are here to make your everyday life in the UK more effortless for you. Each amount of support means more help on our part.

Business HUB

It's a solution for new and existing UK businesses. Business support, especially for people starting their adventure in UK, is significant. Please support us so that we can help local companies to cope with the challenges they face.
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Courses and Tutorials

It often happens that not knowing what to do causes us not to do it. We are working on guides that show you how to cope with everyday life in the UK. Your support will allow us to create more guides available for everyone and for free.
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Easy English

The English Language Support Program is vital for people who permanently live in the UK and for people who would like to move here in the future. Our foundation works with other organizations to ensure that learning is more avaliable.
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Who we are

When in 2013 we decided to move our whole family to Great Britain for good, we knew practically nothing about it. There was also no place to find out, and the so-called “frits” for the lack of knowledge, we paid for a long time. With the year 2020 and on the threshold of the successive significant changes in Great Britain, we can say that access to this information is still difficult. That is why we want to share our knowledge and experience. We believe that thanks to the creation of PBCF Foundation, we will be able to achieve our goals.

Our offer

Amid a maze of regulations and rules, you are utterly different from your home country. The emigrants came from their home country for a new life in a foreign country. Such changes are difficult to bear, and often in all of this, you must learn new rules and regulations. You have to find yourself in it, not be isolated from society. And we want to help you in all this so that understanding your new homeland becomes possible.

What we need

Our needs are not sophisticated but very necessary. First, the simplest and most effective is financial support. It cannot be denied that nowadays, it is challenging to act in any form without money. We try to limit expenses to the necessary minimum, but not always and everywhere can be done without financial resources. Each type of support is precious to us. We invite companies, private persons, and other institutions to cooperate with us. We considered every kind of cooperation individually to achieve a win-win effect.

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