Your support and help give others hope
We act for you and on your behalf. We are here to make your everyday life in the UK more effortless for you. Each amount of support means more help on our part.

Business HUB

It's a solution for new and existing UK businesses. Business support, especially for people starting their adventure in UK, is significant. Please support us so that we can help local companies to cope with the challenges they face.
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Courses and Tutorials

It often happens that not knowing what to do causes us not to do it. We are working on guides that show you how to cope with everyday life in the UK. Your support will allow us to create more guides available for everyone and for free.
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Easy English

The English Language Support Program is vital for people who permanently live in the UK and for people who would like to move here in the future. Our foundation works with other organizations to ensure that learning is more avaliable.
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What we need

For the permanent development of the PBCF organization firstly we need you, your support and participation in the development of our community as well as promoting of emerging educational solutions and innovative programs. Everything that we have decided to deal with and we will further develop we want to initiate according to your needs. We always consider the suggestions of any members and the community gathered around the PBCF foundation.

The growing group of people using Membership will allow us to respond to your needs faster. Your participation will help us recognize and plan our next steps and take appropriate actions. Paid membership will allow you to co-create PBCF programs with us because the opinion of all people supporting the development of a modern community is critical to us.

We want to create PBCF programs with your help and prepare them according to your needs and expectations. Additionally, If you are the owner of an already operating company, you have your own brand or you want to create a new business, you can apply to the Partner Program and support aid and educational activities together with PBCF daily. We count on your ideas, your free time as well as agreed bonuses and promotions when selling your products and services. We will repay you – we will support you by making it easier for you to reach new customers and new members of the rapidly growing community.

The funds at the disposal of PBCF grow and will grow with your generosity and commitment which will allow our organization to expand the scope of activities, create new programs and increase the scope of assistance offered. As our Donor you can choose which of the existing Programs you want to support and, together with us, create solutions dedicated to the Members of our organization. The partnership is the basis of mutual relations in the PBCF. All our Partners can expect full involvement in creating a database of entities working to develop a strong modern Community focused on PBCF activities. We are equally committed to increasing the recognition of companies supporting our activities and reaching the widest possible group of people with the programs of our charity organization.

Each type of support is precious to us. We invite companies, individuals and other organizations to cooperate with us. Each type of cooperation is considered individually to achieve the Win-Win effect.

Thank You for support:


Volunteering and membership

We need enthusiasm from new members and help from volunteers.

For our mission to be executed we need a growing group of Members and Volunteers who apart from access to programs and activities for developing a modern PBCF community and organization, will want to become an opinion-forming group on the services and products of our Partners. Nowadays, positive and credible opinions are a huge added value to any business, even a huge one. Credibility, transparency, multilingualism of websites, your latest achievements and your activities for the community’s social development as well as trust and loyalty of customers are the basis for the development of the business of the future. We all know by now that in order to be successful in a modern economy it is not enough to sell goods and services alone. What mostly counts is the common good which will easily increase the recognition of each brand.


In any case, the most effective and quickest type of support is financial assistance. We operate in a charity formula, so we only incur such expenses, and we calculate carefully our costs to obtain leverage to achieve the goals set. We need every, even the smallest, donation to fulfil our mission every day. We try to plan our next steps so that the development of PBCF is constant and constantly growing. Each time we check the minimum resources needed to implement our plans and the development of the Community. We carry out our mission so that the group of people we help constantly grows and covers an ever-larger territorial range.

Your participation in the development of PBCF and your financial support will bring us closer to achieving our goals. Our mission to create a modern, supportive community on a strong foundation, armed with knowledge and educational tools that can change many people’s lives, can only be realized with you.

Support the PBCF foundations with us so that we can jointly carry out the tasks facing modern society.

If the PBCF programs coincide with your view of the developing world and are interested in cooperation in this field, Partnership, or Membership, or maybe you want to give us your free time as part of Volunteering, please contact us at

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