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We act for you and on your behalf. We are here to make your everyday life in the UK more effortless for you. Each amount of support means more help on our part.

Business HUB

It's a solution for new and existing UK businesses. Business support, especially for people starting their adventure in UK, is significant. Please support us so that we can help local companies to cope with the challenges they face.
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Courses and Tutorials

It often happens that not knowing what to do causes us not to do it. We are working on guides that show you how to cope with everyday life in the UK. Your support will allow us to create more guides available for everyone and for free.
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Easy English

The English Language Support Program is vital for people who permanently live in the UK and for people who would like to move here in the future. Our foundation works with other organizations to ensure that learning is more avaliable.
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Business HUB

We want to create a Business HUB for you which will mainly depend on and develop thanks to your successes. Creating a friendly place that will support new and existing businesses among people from our community has been our vision from the very beginning. HUB business is especially important for people starting their adventure in business and for all those who are already operating and struggling with many problems on a regular basis. From the very beginning we want the PBCF Foundation to be a platform for the exchange of experiences, a place for gaining the necessary knowledge and a space where you will take your first steps in running your business and companies without fear that your ideas and concerns will not be taken seriously. We cannot promise you a huge financial base but we can share with you the acquired knowledge and our experience, both those from Poland and those gained in the UK. In this matter we also offer the help of our reliable partners.

Creating a place friendly to any company is the basis for supporting your business initiatives. Our help and the Biznes HUB Program is addressed to all companies, no matter if you are just starting out or have been operating on the market for a long time.

Unfortunately, it often happens that a person with a good idea gives it up too quickly just because he or she lacks support in its implementation along the way. Outside help means that the actions taken by you and the implementation of your idea gain an additional perspective on elements that you would not have thought about yourself. Initially, all people who think about their own business are afraid that nothing will come out of their idea and that the financial outlays on the start-up will simply not be returned. All because the initial fixed costs such as paying for an office with an address, an accounting company, legal assistance with registration, or creating a website, usually quickly consume a small initial capital and there is no certainty that your idea will catch on the market. The PBCF Foundation primarily helps local entrepreneurs by collecting donations for their support in the implementation of interesting pro-social initiatives. Interesting ideas are an inspiration for our community to continue hard work on creating such facilities that the first steps in a new business and those towards creating new jobs or self-employment do not encounter too large initial barriers. We want to arm you with the necessary knowledge and tools as well as with the support of professional and kind people who will passionately engage in your ideas. Our members are often looking for people who have experience and knowledge in a specific field. The Biznes HUB program facilitates such searches.

Our program

We want to create a friendly place for newly established or existing businesses that will report a desire for additional support from our side. One of the goals of the Business HUB program is the purchase of real estate where office space can be shared by our Members. The creation of a modern office of the future together with conference rooms and facilities for running a business support center for PBCF and its members’ initiatives is one of the priorities of our activities. A professional, modernly equipped office, both for remote and stationary work, will be a base for your activities. We will provide you with equipment and professional office services to the extent necessary for the creation of your business ideas. In addition, we will be able to offer you an address for registering your companies, professional correspondence service, access to accounting services and legal advice. All this will be available as part of the Business HUB activity, initially in places adapted by us and in the future in our common place.

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Collection details

The initial budget for this task is approximately £ 200,000 per year. If the amount exceeds £ 500,000, we will be inclined to purchase part of a larger property which will reduce the fixed costs of running such a joint office and increase the scope and amount of support provided as well as reduce the costs of additional complementary services.





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