Your support and help give others hope
We act for you and on your behalf. We are here to make your everyday life in the UK more effortless for you. Each amount of support means more help on our part.

Business HUB

It's a solution for new and existing UK businesses. Business support, especially for people starting their adventure in UK, is significant. Please support us so that we can help local companies to cope with the challenges they face.
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Courses and Tutorials

It often happens that not knowing what to do causes us not to do it. We are working on guides that show you how to cope with everyday life in the UK. Your support will allow us to create more guides available for everyone and for free.
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Easy English

The English Language Support Program is vital for people who permanently live in the UK and for people who would like to move here in the future. Our foundation works with other organizations to ensure that learning is more avaliable.
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In the same way as volunteers are an obvious link in a charity organization, so are partnerships with companies an integral element of modern activities. In today’s world the presence of companies online is increasingly important and their support for social activities increases positive interest among potential customers.

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By becoming our partner your company will be able to use information that is supporting of the PBCF Foundation. The support can be as different as your companies are. The details of cooperation are always discussed individually.

The start of the PBCF Foundation would have not been possible without the fantastic input and support we are getting from our partners. They are helping us among other things in running of our internet sites, by giving advices, free materials, by selling gifted items or managing of our cyber systems.

We are constantly seeking innovative products and ideas which will help us in achieving the statuary goals and programs of the PBCF Foundation. If you have a registered brand, your own products, any type of discounts for your services or any other assets which in your opinion we could use, we will gladly contact you.

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Together we can more

It matters to us that every citizen of the UK would have equal chances and availability to free of charge information on how to make his everyday life easier. We would like that getting in touch with your companies would be evenly friendly for those with lower English language knowledge level. That is why it is so important that the websites of your companies would also be in other languages than English. By doing that you will increase your companies recognizabilty and be able to gain new customers. As the Foundation we would like to increase the level of integration of minorities with the society of the UK so in the frames of cooperation we can offer you help in translation from English to other languages.

Be welcome to contact us in order to find an appropriate way of cooperation with the PBCF Foundation.

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