Your support and help give others hope
We act for you and on your behalf. We are here to make your everyday life in the UK more effortless for you. Each amount of support means more help on our part.

Business HUB

It's a solution for new and existing UK businesses. Business support, especially for people starting their adventure in UK, is significant. Please support us so that we can help local companies to cope with the challenges they face.
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Courses and Tutorials

It often happens that not knowing what to do causes us not to do it. We are working on guides that show you how to cope with everyday life in the UK. Your support will allow us to create more guides available for everyone and for free.
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Easy English

The English Language Support Program is vital for people who permanently live in the UK and for people who would like to move here in the future. Our foundation works with other organizations to ensure that learning is more avaliable.
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Payments to Polish British Community Foundation:

From UK:

Sort Code: 23-14-70, Bank account number: 35595084

From abroad:

SWIFT: TRWIGB2L, Bank account number (IBAN): GB94 TRWI 2314 7035 5950 84

Bank address: 56 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JJ, United Kingdom

Financial help seems to be the fastest and most effective way of helping in nearly every type of situation. As a Foundation we act as a charity. That is why we carefully count our current costs and bear only necessary expenditures in order to gain maximal leverage for the goals set. That is why we need every, even the smallest, donation to fulfill our daily missions. We do our best to plan our steps in such a way to keep a stable progress and ever growing abilities of the PBCF Foundation. On every occasion we check the actual minimum of funds needed to fulfill our goals and to grow our Community. We act in such a way that the group of people currently covered with help grew day by day and embraced larger territories.

Your contribution in the PBCF Foundation as well as your financial support will get us closer to our goals. Our mission is to create a strong fundament-based and modern supportive community that is equipped with educational tools and knowledge. That will allow to change the life of many people and can be executed only thanks to your help and your generosity.


Any type of suport is possible and welcome. Your donation can be made as a form of money transfer, internet auction (ex. Ebay) or handing over things which we can sell or redistribute to those in need. You can remember about us whilst writing your last will to pass on some of your assets or properties. For all donations we thank you kindly and shall that be your wish we will publically inform our whole Community about your generosity.

Every support is important

Often one can support a charity organization by handing over unnecessary things from your attic or garage. For us any type of help means additional financial funds for those in need. If you possess something that you do not need anymore and would like to help our Community – please contact us.

Support us:

Get rid of unnecessary things

All useful but unused things can find a new owner. It is worth to hand them over to charity for a reuse. The gratitude of our Community you will be able to judge by its’ growth and effects of our work. On the other hand you can feel proud of yourself that you managed to protect the natural environment as your things are being reused. As a Foundation and a charity organization we are pro Zero Waste movement which should become the general life motto. Our planet will be grateful to us for that.

Charity PayPal account

Our Foundation is a registered PayPal Giving Fund UK user which is a tool for making donations. This service provides a profile for the PBCF Foundation which can be visited under this link

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