Our Charity operates mostly online. If you have any questions please use the contact form provided. However try checking our FAQ section where some answers are already provided.

Our goal is to help all people who require help in emigrating to the UK or those who require it locally. Apart from that the Foundation creates and gathers guidebooks that are there to help in everyday life within the UK. For more information see the ABOUT US section

That can be done in various ways. Starting with direct help through financial support, down to selling products for the Foundation. For more information see the SUPPORT section

Yes, of course we do accept physical gifts. In a case like this please use the CONTACT FORM so we can react individually in the best possible way.

Yes, it is also possible. It is the best to consult every proposition of immaterial help by using our CONTACT FORM. In the case of financial support use this account number: GB94 TRWI 2314 7035 5950 84 (SWIFT: TRWIGB2L) followed by the title: “support for Polish Diaspora”. In case of companies that would like to deduct the donation from tax we encourage to use the CONTACT FORM for more details

Yes. Since the beginning we rely on cooperation with companies and institutions which can support our activities. The list of those companies you can find under the PARTNERSHIP section.

Every person who possesses an account on eBay can support the Foundation by donating a specified percentage of the sales amount. The specified percentage will be also used by eBay to lower down the auction’s posting cost. So by donating 100% the cost of item’s posting equals to 0. More information you can find under the AUCTIONS section

The PBCF Foundation operates in the UK and it does not matter in which part of the country one lives. From a technical point of view local support can be granted in the area of Peterborough. In the other cases the support is granted remotely via normally available means of contact.

Yes, on every stage there is such a possibility. If you are interested in cooperation write to us via the CONTACT FORM.

Yes. Your ideas are inspirations for us.