Chief of Executive (CEO)


The Chair of the Board of Trustees is looking for an exceptional manager dedicated to developing the Polish British Community Foundation – who speaks Polish and English languages and holds leadership and managerial experience with proven qualifications.  

About Polish British Community Foundation

PBCF started in 2020 in the UK, is the Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) focused on building an assistant platform with essential educational materials for Polish minorities and other beneficiaries who need help with integration and understanding British law and rules to promote social inclusion in the United Kingdom. Our mission is to help people develop new practical and social skills by introducing them to essential recourses and knowledge. 

Our main workstreams are the development of equal living standards in the UK for all community members and certification for the best PBCF partners, data and market analysis, market development for community partners, communications, support and assistance.

PBCF is a fast-growing, dynamic CIO driven by a big mission to lead the development of innovative community solutions. We work extensively with our funders and partners to deliver programmes that help to build a strong community. It is an exciting time for the organisation as we embark on our new strategy and develop the organisation into the next phase of its ambitious growth. We are looking for a new managing Chair CEO who can bring passion, experience, knowledge, and influence to further our mission to impact community changes and relationship development between humans.


To lead the entire organisation towards increasing its impact whilst ensuring its continued financial stability and security.

Duties & Responsibilities Operations & Effectiveness

•          Ensure that all employees, voluntary, partners are fully engaged and, that decisions are taken in the best, long-term interests of PBCF and that they take collective ownership

•          Foster, maintain and ensure that constructive relationships exist with the organisation

•          Planning, presenting over and facilitating to the Board on committee and Trustees meetings


•          To provide leadership to the PBCF mission, in collaboration with the engaged individuals and public, and to ensure the members fulfil their duties and responsibilities for the robust governance of the organisation

•          Ensure that the organisation is regularly refreshed and incorporates the right balance of skills, knowledge and experience needed to run the organisation effectively

•          Leading the entire organisation and fulfilling management responsibilities as the CEO/roles, including mentoring, appraisal, and professional development of any engaged individuals

•          Working with the employee and voluntaries to set the mission, vision and high-level strategic priorities of the organisations

•          To support and implement PBCF strategic plan

•          As a CEO, approving PBCF annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions; being informed of and meeting all legal and fiduciary responsibilities

•          Ensure the Board of Trustees operates within its charitable objectives and provides a clear strategic direction for Polish British Community Foundation 

•          Ensure the Board regularly reviews significant risks and opportunities and satisfies itself that systems are in place to manage and mitigate risks

•          Ensure the Board fulfils its duties to guarantee the financial health of the organisation, with systems in place to ensure financial accountability

•          Preparation for and attendance at quarterly meetings, with support of executive

About you

Candidates will have the following experience:

•          Extensive professional experience with significant executive leadership accomplishments in business, government, philanthropy, or the non-profit

•          Fluent knowledge of Polish and English

•          Senior strategic leadership at the executive and/or board level within an organisation

•          Proven experience in leading an organisation through significant growth/upscaling and/or transformation

Ideal candidates will also have some of the following experience/qualities:

•          Board level experience at a sizeable or rapidly growing organisation

•          Track record of building credibility in the funding community that has resulted in significant gifts to a non-profit

•          A commitment to and understanding of PBCF beneficiaries and mission, preferably based on experience

•          Strong commercial skills – experience in growing a corporation or Charity 

•          An understanding of managing risks, opportunities and governance in an organisation

•          Diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals and partners

•          Excellent written and oral communication skills coupled with a natural affinity for public speaking

•          Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for driving community change through financial solutions

The recruitment process:

Please write a statement of no more than 500 words detailing why you’d like to be considered and how you think you are suitable for being Chair of the Polish British Community Foundation. Please send this along with your CV to our mail

The closing date for applications is 20/05/2022

A shortlist of candidates will be selected for interview by a committee of the Trustees.

The recommended candidate for appointment as CEO will then be considered for ratification by the entire Board.

The term will ideally start in June 2022

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